Country Reports

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

State of Forest and Tree Genetic Resources: Cook Islands (1999; 24kb)

Invasive Species
National Invasive Species Strategy:Cook Islands (2002; 1.64mb)
Invasive alien species in the Austral-Pacific region: national reports and directory of resources [GISP]  (2002; Invasives Species on Pacific Islands [reports] - HEAR / PIER project website

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment Website and Reports

National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plans (NBSAP)

Cook Islands (2002; 1.12mb)
National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans: Pacific Regional Review (2007; 269kb)

Action Plans for Sea Turtle Migration: Cook Islands (2010; 162kb)
Turtle Project 2011 Annual Report: Monitoring the distribution, Population Structure and Status of Sea turtles in the Cook Islands (2011, 9MB)
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (Land Degradation)
National Reports: 2nd report: Cook Islands (2002; 2.35mb)
see also UNCCD Country Profiles:Cook Islands
see also UNCCD Reports clearinghouse mechanism

Climate Change

Climate Risk Profiles
Cook Islands (2005; 534kb)

Energy Security Indicator Profile 2009 (SPC):  Cook Islands (2009; 240KB)
Pacific Regional Energy Assessment: Country Reports (PIREP): Cook Islands (2004; 1.43kb)
Regional overview report (2004; 2.59mb)

Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change [PACC]
Cook Islands

Report of in-country consultations: Cook Islands (2009; 175kb)

Sea Level & Climate: their present state: Country reports
Cook Islands (2006; 2.07mb); 2007 (2MB) ; 2008 (2MB) ; 2009 (2.4MB) ; 2010 (2.2MB)

Thematic Assessment Reports:
Biodiversity / Climate Change / Land Degradation: Cook Islands (2007;1.22mb)

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
(i) National Communications and In-depth Reviews
Cook Islands (2000; 1.66mb)

United Nations Development Programme Country Programme Action Plans [CPAP]:
Cook Islands (2008; 2.29mb)

Environmental Monitoring and Governance / Sustainable Development

Barbados Programme of Action + 10 (BPoA)
National Assessment Reports: Cook Islands (2003; 315kb)

Pacific Environment Outlook (2005; 30.99mb)

Legislative Reviews
Cook Islands (1992; 14.82mb)

Millenium Development Goals National Reports
Cook Islands (2005; 1.29mb)
Pacific Islands Regional MDG - Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability (2004; 324kb)
Pacific Islands Regional MDG Full Report

see also
ADB Key Indicators 2006 for progress towards Millenium Development Goal 7: ensuring environmental sustainability (2006)

National Environment Strategic Action Framework (NESAF)
Cook Islands 2005-2009 (2004; 2.23mb)

National Environment Management Strategy (NEMS)
Cook Islands (1993; 9.9mb)

National Capacity Self Assessment (NCSA)
Inception Reports: Cook Islands (2005; 1.38mb)
Stocktake Reports: Cook Islands (2005; 2.81mb)
Cross-cutting Analysis: Cook Islands (2007; 1.08mb)
Action Plans: Cook Islands (2008; 3.34mb)
NCSA Status (NCSA website): Cook Islands

State of the Environment Reports
Cook Islands (SPREP 1992; 8.87mb)

see also Cook Islands priority environmental problems (PEC) report : a review and assessment of the priority environmental concerns (2004; 563kb)

see also State of the Environment of the South Pacific 1983 (UNEP: 1983; 1.66mb)
see also State of the marine environment in the South Pacific Region (1990; 3.48mb)
see also State of the Environment of the South Pacific 2005 (2005; 382kb; see also ~ ~)
see also Regional perspectives: Asia and the Pacific (UNEP, GEO-4. 2007; 382 kb)

see also the archive of SPREP Country Reports between 1980-1983 as follows:
Cook Islands (1980; 409kb)

Country Strategy Papers and National Indicative Programmes [European Union - EDF9]
Cook Islands (2002-2007; 500kb)

Country Strategy Papers and National Indicative Programmes [European Union - EDF10]
Cook Islands (2008-2013; 2.05mb)

National [Sustainable] Development Plans / Strategies
Cook Islands 2006-2010 (2006; 632kb) / Cook Islands 2007-2010 (2006; 460kb)

National Assessment Reports: Cook Islands (2006; 156kb)
ADB Reports: Cook Islands (2003; 1.38mb)
ADB Economic Reviews: Cook Islands (2000; 65kb)

SPC Country Joint Country Stategies in support of National Strategies for Sustainable Development :
Cook Islands

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED: Brazil, 1992)
Country Reports : Cook Islands (1992; 3.63mb)

World Summit on Sustainable Development [Rio+10 - Johannesburg 2002]

National Assessment Reports:
Cook Islands (2002; 594kb)

Pacific WSSD Regional Assessment (2002; 91kb) and Pacific Position Paper (2004; 91kb)
see also: Synthesis Report for Asia and the Pacific (2001; 1.22mb)

Waste & Pollution Control
National Waste Strategies

Cook Islands (2004 ; 1.42mb)

Pacific Regional Consultation on Water in Small Island Countries - Country briefings
Cook Islands (2003; 161kb)

Peristant Organic Pollutants (POPs): Country Plans
Cook Islands (2003; 431kb)

Preventive Infrastructure Master Plans
Strengthening Disaster Management and Mitigation:
Cook Islands (2007; 4.24mb)

Priority Environmental Concerns (PECs) Reports
Cook Islands (2004; 563kb)

Ships' Waste Management in Pacific Islands Ports: Country reports
Cook Islands