Country Reports

Country Reports

National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plans (NBSAP) / Stratégie pour la biodiversité de Polynésie française
French Polynesia (2006; 1.92mb)

see also En France d'outre-mer (2004), France - incl. French Territories (2004),

National Invasive Species
Espèces exotiques envahissantes dans les collectivités françaises d'outre-mer Etat des lieux et recommandations (2008; 5.28mb)
see also Invasive alien species in the Austral-Pacific region: national reports and directory of resources [GISP] (2002; 3.75mb)
see also Invasives Species on Pacific Islands [reports] - HEAR / PIER project website

Ships' Waste Management in Pacific Islands Ports: Country reports
French Polynesia

State of the Environment Reports / L’état de l’environnement en Polynésie française en 2006
French Polynesia (2007; 8.51mb)

see also French Polynesia (1995; 4.09mb) *incomplete and poorly formatted ,

see also the archive of SPREP Country Reports between 1980-1983 as follows:
French Polynesia [En ; Fr] (1980; 347kb)