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Biodiversité marine de la polynésie française
Le site est une base de données regroupant les informations taxonomiques existantes sur les organismes végétaux et animaux rencontrés en mer. Cependant, pour certains groupes, quand cela a été possible, la liste a été élargie, aux organismes vivant en eau douce (une précision sera alors ajoutée).

French Polynesia - Delegation a l'Environnement
The Polynesian Delegation for the Environment aims at helping citizens with their environment related legal work, especially for the Classified Installations Legislation.

French Polynesia - Meteorological Office

Herbier de la Polynesie francaise [Fr] / [En]

Website of the Ornithological Society of Polynesia. Excellent resource site for the birdlife of French Polynesia.

Polynesian Environment Society [French Polynesia]
The PES is a mixed capital corporation in charge of studying and implementing the domestic and industrial waste management projects of French Polynesia.

Te mana o te moana [French Polynesia]
The te mana o te moana non-profit association was founded on September 23rd, 2004. Through its research, conservation, communication and educational activities, te mana o te moana strives to protect the marine environment of French Polynesia and to educate the public .

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The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Regional Frameworks and Strategies Directory [SPREP]

SPREP Library and IRC collection [SLIC] - includes online full text access to a wide range of Pacific environment materials.

The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Virtual Library - full text publications from SPREP, SOPAC, SPC and other CROP agencies, Pacific govt. environment depts. , regional institutions, and NGOs active in the area of environment conservation.

Pacific Environment Databases and Recommended Internet Resources

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SPREP's International Instruments' webpage
"International instruments relevant to SPREP's work in the areas of Sustainable Economic Development, Ecosystems Management, Climate Change, and Waste Management."

Academic literature and research

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