The Problem
Pacific islands suffer from vulnerability, isolation, lack of resources and capacity...
Islands are exceptionally vulnerable to invasive species, but most small island nations do not have the human or financial resources to tackle invasive species threats adequately alone. 
National agencies and local NGOs working within Pacific countries on Invasive Species are isolated from their counterparts in other countries and from international agencies that can provide them with assistance.
There is a multitude of international and regional agencies working to assist Pacific countries, with a danger of duplication and wastage of the limited funds available.
The Solution
Cooperation, collaboration, and assistance... 
The Pacific has a long history of cooperation to overcome such limitations and has established two networks to promote collaboration and effective action against invasives. These networks are models for elsewhere, particularly other oceanic regions.

One of these networks is PIP                                   
The other is PILN                                                                                                  What is PILN? See here:
PIP and PILN work together:
PIP agencies cooperate to provide services to PILN teams in countries and territories.
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