Member agencies of PIP (as of May 2016)

CROP (Council of Regional Organizations of the Pacific) agencies
CROP agencies are intergovernmental agencies established by Pacific countries and territories to provide services to them. Three CROP agencies are particularly responsible for invasives work, are mandated by their member countries and territories to lead and coordinate it in the region, and are PIP members:
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Pacific Community (SPC)           Secretariat of the Pacific Regional                      University of the South 
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pilnPILN Home

With the support and guidance of PIP, the Pacific Invasives Learning Network (PILN) is a professional network for invasive species workers in the Pacific. PILN organises skills and learning exchanges, workshops and meetings, facilitates multi-sector invasives teams in countries, and produces a monthly e-newsletter PILN Soundbites.

PILN acts as the main link between PIP and the Pacific countries and territories.


Donors, technical assistance agencies and NGOs:

 Austral Foundation  BirdLife International
 BioNet-PaciNet  CAB International
 Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International  Conservation International
 Global Island Partnership  International Union for Conservation of Nature
 Invasive Species Specialist Group   United Nations Environment Programme
 New Zealand (MFAT) Aid Programme  Island Conservation
 New Zealand Department of Conservation  Landcare Research
 Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum  The Nature Conservancy
 US Department of State  US Forest Service
 US National Invasive Species Council  US National Biological Information Infrastructure, Pacific Basin Information Node
 University of Hawaii Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit
 University of Melbourne, Department of Resource Management & Geography

 Pacific sub-regional representation:

To improve links between PIP agencies and Pacific countries and territories, PIP is in the process of identifying sub-regional representatives for Melanesia and Polynesia to serve on PIP.


Micronesia already has a high-level, sub-regional invasives body, the Micronesia Regional Invasive Species Council, which represents its sub-region on PIP.

PIP is not exclusive — if your agency works on invasives issues in more than one country of the Pacific, and you think it should join PIP, write to 
David Moverley (PIP Coordinator)

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