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Papua New Guinea - govt. website

Papua New Guinea - Meteorological Offiice

Papua New Guinea Office of Climate Change and Carbon Trade

Plants of Papua New Guinea
Information for students, researchers, development workers, community leaders, government and non-government agencies and others working on plant identification, conservation and diversity of plants in Papua New Guinea. Includes an internet accessible herbarium plant collection database of plants from Papua New Guinea; PNGtrees project - An interactive identification guide to the common trees of Papua New Guinea ; Plant collectors of Papua New Guinea - Information about Papua New Guinean plant collectors and support staff ; Census of Vascular Plants of Papua New Guinea - Names of vascular plants of Papua New Guinea.

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme
The mission of the TKCP is to establish a 150,000-acre Conservation Area on the Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea through community-based action that includes scientific research, education and conservation outreach. The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) fosters wildlife and habitat conservation and local community livelihoods in Papua New Guinea through global partnerships, land protection and scientific research.

The little green palai
"A grassroots perspective on development issues in Papua New Guinea"

UPNG Remote Sensing Centre
The University of Papua New Guinea Remote Sensing Centre is a teaching and research facility.We provide access to remotely sensed satellite data and GIS products concerned with land-cover and land-use in Papua New Guinea. The UPNG Geobook set - an interactive, free, mapping atlas for each Province can be dowloaded from this site -

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The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Regional Frameworks and Strategies Directory [SPREP]

SPREP Library and IRC collection [SLIC] - includes online full text access to a wide range of Pacific environment materials.

The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Virtual Library - full text publications from SPREP, SOPAC, SPC and other CROP agencies, Pacific govt. environment depts. , regional institutions, and NGOs active in the area of environment conservation.

Pacific Environment Databases and Recommended Internet Resources

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SPREP's International Instruments' webpage
"International instruments relevant to SPREP's work in the areas of Sustainable Economic Development, Ecosystems Management, Climate Change, and Waste Management."

Academic literature and research

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