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Samoa's Digital Library 
- The National Park of American Samoa staff have compiled a bibliography (with pdf copies) of Environmental Literature of the Samoan Archipelago. An excellent resource.

see also: National Park of American Samoa website
Excellent resource site for both terrestrial and marine biodiversity of American Samoa. 
see in particular 'The Natural History Guide to American Samoa' - comprehensive guide to the American Samoa's geology, geography and biota.

Samoa - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Samoa - Meteorological Office

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The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Regional Frameworks and Strategies Directory [SPREP]

SPREP Library and IRC collection [SLIC] - includes online full text access to a wide range of Pacific environment materials.

The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Virtual Library - full text publications from SPREP, SOPAC, SPC and other CROP agencies, Pacific govt. environment depts. , regional institutions, and NGOs active in the area of environment conservation.

Pacific Environment Databases and Recommended Internet Resources

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SPREP's International Instruments' webpage
"International instruments relevant to SPREP's work in the areas of Sustainable Economic Development, Ecosystems Management, Climate Change, and Waste Management."

Academic literature and research

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