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Tetepare: the last wild island [Solomon Islands]
"Tetepare Island is one of the conservation jewels of the Solomons Islands. This long, rugged island cloaked in rainforest and fringed with biodiverse reefs is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Home to the one of the Solomon Islands' leading conservation projects and a unique, locally-run ecolodge, Tetepare is attracting visitors from around the world. "

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The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Regional Frameworks and Strategies Directory [SPREP]

SPREP Library and IRC collection [SLIC] - includes online full text access to a wide range of Pacific environment materials.

The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Virtual Library - full text publications from SPREP, SOPAC, SPC and other CROP agencies, Pacific govt. environment depts. , regional institutions, and NGOs active in the area of environment conservation.

Pacific Environment Databases and Recommended Internet Resources

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SPREP's International Instruments' webpage
"International instruments relevant to SPREP's work in the areas of Sustainable Economic Development, Ecosystems Management, Climate Change, and Waste Management."

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