Threatened and Migratory Species

The Pacific islands region is the largest continuous marine habitat on the planet, the Pacific ocean. It is home to a wide range of large marine animals and mammals including whales, dolphins, porpoise and dugongs and marine turtles. Maintaining healthy populations is essential to the ocean health and productivity.

The diversity of these marine creatures is recognized as a fundamental element of Pacific Islands' culture and heritage. Many Pacific island cultures have legends, stories and traditional uses of marine mammals and turtles, indicating the importance of these creatures in the identities of people, their way of life and their heritage. Polynesian travels throughout the region are often linked with stories of migratory species such as great whales and turtles. Polynesians may have recognized the migratory paths of these species and used them as guides to the seas of the south Pacific.

The Threatened and Migratory Species programme focuses on helping the Pacific region through developing and implementation of the following initiatives:
  1. Marine Turtles
  2. Whales & Dolphins
  3. Birds
  4. Red-List
  5. Dugongs Pacific Year of the Dugong
  6. Regional Action Plans
  7. Species Conventions
  8. Regional Species MoUs and Agreements
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