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Nguna-Pele marine protected area
The Nguna-Pele MPA , winner of the 2008 UNDP Equator Prize, is a local, indigenous, non-governmental organization made up of sixteen communities on two islands dedicated to the sustainable use and long-term existence of marine and terrestrial resources. It is the very first of its kind in Vanuatu and currently serves as a model for other island-initiated conservation efforts nationally and throughout the South Pacific. We strive to ensure that our people retain access and use of the diversity of marine species of Vanuatu through proactive conservation, resilient management, and locally-appropriate awareness.

Webpage includes access to databases , images, sound recordings and species accounts.

Vanuatu Govt Ministry of Lands and Resources - Department of Environment and Conservation-

Vanuatu Meteorological Office

Wantok Environment Centre - Vanuatu
The Wantok Environment Centre (WTEC) is a national environmental non-government organisation incorporated in Vanuatu as a charitable association. Its mission is the care and protection of Vanuatu's natural environment, recognising its importance for all forms of life, for present and future generations and in the sustainable development of the country.

WTEC's primary concern is representing the interests of rural communities and families directly involved in the conservation and/or sustainable management of Vanuatu's natural environment and resource. The organisation also has an education programme in schools, is engaged in promoting sustainable income generation (particularly low-impact tourism) and is involved in species specific conservation and research in-line with national and provincial priorities.

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SPREP Library and IRC collection [SLIC] - includes online full text access to a wide range of Pacific environment materials.

The Pacific Environment Information Network [PEIN] Virtual Library - full text publications from SPREP, SOPAC, SPC and other CROP agencies, Pacific govt. environment depts. , regional institutions, and NGOs active in the area of environment conservation.

Pacific Environment Databases and Recommended Internet Resources

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