Aichi Target 12 in the Pacific islands with Papua New Guinea

13 December 2016, CBD COP13, Cancun Mexico - There are 20 Aichi Targets in all, endorsed at the tenth Conference of the Parties to the CBD in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. They help to meet five different strategic goals which aim to reduce the loss of biodiversity by the year 2020. Each day during the CBD COP13 we'll be sharing one of the Targets with you and examples of how the Pacific islands are meeting these. – #PacificProtectedAreas
Strategic Goal C: To improve the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity
Target 12: By 2020 the extinction of known threatened species has been prevented and their conservation status, particularly of those most in decline, has been improved and sustained.

                                                          JM AT12

"The Conservation and Environment Protection Authority in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme is working towards establishing an Environment Information Management System (EIMS) to track and better manage the environment information of the country, including the Status of the species, especially the IUCN red list species. Initial work carried out, to review and assess the conservation status of endangered species, focused on two Protected Areas in the country which are YUS Conservation Area and Torricelli." – Mr John Michael, Director - Renewable Resources, Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, Papua New Guinea
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