Cir#15/36: Invitation to forward initial activity concepts for potential Green Climate Fund project proposal development.

Circular 15/36
SPREP Green Climate Fund Concept Checklist

Cir#15/35: Waigani Convention Training Workshop for Pacific Island Countries, and GEFPAS POPs Release Reduction Project Steering Committee Meeting - 20-24 July, Suva, Fiji.

Circular 15/35

Cir#15/34: SPREP Director General's update for SPREP Members and Partners.

Circular 15/34
Circulaire 15/34

Cir#15/33: Introducing Ms. Nathalie Maisonneuve - SPREP Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Division Consultant.

Circular 15/33
Terms of Reference

Cir#15/32: Invitation to Pacific island Country and Territory Members to submit nominations

To attend the Journées bleues conference on ecotourism, June 1st to 5th June 2015, Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Circular 15/32

Cir#15/31: Internship Opportunity - For Nationals & Residents of the Pacific Island Countries and Territories Only

Young Professionals Programme - Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation Coordinator(PIRTC)
Circular 15/31        Job Description
Circulaire 15/31      Informations Destinees aux Candidats

Cir#15/30: Introducing new SPREP Staff.

Circular 15/30

Cir#15/29: Information Gathering for PIFACC Monitoring and Evaluation.

Circular 15/29

Cir#15/28: Lui Bell Memorial Scholarship Fund - Call for Applications.

Circular 15/28
Application Form

Cir#15/27: Invitation to attend the Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas Regional Workshop.

Circular 15/27
Annex 1

Cir#15/26: SPREP 2015 Calendar of Events.

Circular 15/26

Cir#15/25: GCF Accreditation.

Circular 15/25

Cir#15/24: Update on the 2015 Pacific Climate Change Roundtable (PCCR) May 12th to 14th.)

Circular 15/24

Cir#15/23: Update on the 2015 Pacific Climate Change Roundtable (PCCR) May 12th to 14th.

Cicular 15/23

Cir#15/22: Country Waste Management and Pollution Control Baseline Survey.

Circular 15/22
Pacific Regional Waste Strategy Questionnaire
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