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Enhancing Community Resilience through the Pacific RoadMap for Strengthened Climate Services in the region.

19 October 2016, Nadi, Fiji - A workshop to further hone the Pacific Roadmap for Strengthened Climate Services in the region opened today in Fiji.

A Pacific Roadmap Action Plan for the implementation of the WMO Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) was developed through regional consultations with national meteorological services and partners.

The Pacific Roadmap Action Plan for strengthened climate services focussed on the needs of the national met services and the key sectors that rely on their information and advice for development planning and decision making.

"We can liken climate services to a relay team. We start with the climate data and information generation and then pass the baton on to data management and interpretation, passing the baton on national disaster management offices (NDMO) to communicate this information with appropriate actions to the public. This information is taken up by the media or the national red cross for example to be relayed until it reaches the community and people in a way that will prompt appropriate actions to be better prepared, " said Dr Netatua Pelesikoti, the Director of Climate Change of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

NP1 copyDr Netatua Pelesikoti, Director, Climate Change, SPREP. Photo: SPREP

"We have a long chain of stakeholders for which we pass this baton down, with our aspiration and target for a prosperous, resilient communities which means we can't drop the baton, we constantly aim for better delivery from us and I wanted to say - we are all in this together. Improved services."

Ms Lisa-Anne Jepsen of the World Meteorological Organization noted that "indeed the climate services value chain outlined by Dr Pelesikoti is closely aligned with the processes foreseen under the Global Framework for Climate Services".

Ms Jepsen noted the extensive consultations on climate services that have been held among regional and national stakeholders in the Pacific Island region over the past few years that culminated with this Workshop on the Pacific Road Map for Strengthened Climate Services.

Working together, participants at the workshop will aim to identify a list of goals and priority actions from the Disaster Risk Reduction Sector to include in the PRCS, this will help inform the five key areas of the Global Framework for Climate Services, those being agriculture and food security, water, health, disaster risk reduction and energy.

Group1 copy copy copyThe Pacific RoadMap for Strengthened Climate Services Workshop opens in Fiji. Photo: SPREP

Other outcomes include the planned approach to incorporate the five key priority sectors in the Pacific Roadmap of Climate Services, identify steps to align the PRCS to the Pacific Islands Meteorological Strategy Review and the Pacific Islands Climate Services Panel Action Plan as well as agreement on key indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of the Roadmap.

"It is expected that, as a result of this Pacific Roadmap, providers of information - the National Met Services and the users of information – the key national sectors, will have the capacity to effectively deliver, translate and apply climate services and thus strengthen sectoral decision-making for resilience building and sustainable development," said Ms Jepsen.

The outputs will be put submitted to the fourth Pacific Meteorological Council in Solomon Islands in August, 2017.

The Pacific RoadMap for strengthened climate services workshop is held in Nadi, Fiji from 19 – 21 October.

LJ1Ms Lisa-Ann Jepsen, World Meteorological Organization. Photo: SPREP

It is coordinated in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization, the Pacific Meteorological Partnership Desk at SPREP, the Pacific Island Climate Services Panel, National Meteorological Services and National Disaster Management Offices.

Financial support for this event has been provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada under the Programme for Implementing Global Framework for Climate Change (GFCS) at Regional and National Scales.
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