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Team Pacific at the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Marrakech, Morocco

Over the course of the coming two weeks we'll be featuring quick snippets from Pacific island negotiators, today we introduce you to Ms. Rensie Panda, of the Papua New Guinea delegation. Rensie works for the Papua New Guinea Climate Change and Development Authority and has been attending the Climate Change Negotiations since 2011, focussing on climate finance.- #4PacIslands

Q. What is your most memorable moment in the Climate Change negotiations?
"I was authentically part of the team that drafted Article 9 of the Paris Agreement alongside my colleague from Palau."

Q. What is your biggest challenge at the Climate Change negotiations?
"I believe it is being a young woman negotiating in an area which I think is dominated by men. My biggest challenge was to rise up to this occasion and speak out, and earn respect from those in the room. I must acknowledge the full support from my colleague from Palau in this, which helped me negotiate the very delicate and challenging issue – climate finance."

Q. What advice do you have for other Pacific islanders that are new to Climate Change negotiations?
"Be conscious of your diet, that is the most important thing, many of us Pacific islanders love our food, when you are traveling in this process, it is always better to give yourself at least two weeks of dietary discipline because our diet is very fine tuned to the Pacific way of eating and you don't want to be disturbed when you are on the ground and having to focus on negotiations!"

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