Invasive Alien Species Project
Invasive Species School Challenge: due 30 November 2016

The top 3 entries from each country can be submitted to the regional challenge, with entries due 30 November 2016. The regional prizes are cash prizes at USD $1,000, $750 and $500 for the top 3 winners!

The materials, including instructions and toolkits for school teachers, are collected for download here. For more information, please contact the GEF-PAS IAS program assistant.

Project Status Updates

Project Start Date – September 2011  
Mid-Term Review – July 2014:  "Prevention, Control and Management of Invasive Alien Species in the Pacific Islands" pdf-icon (982 KB)
Project Completion – September 2016

Project News
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News about project activities has formed part of SPREP's media:
Battling invasive species helps save the Tongan whistler | Eradicating rats on small islands in the Pacific | Invasive species school challenge | Battling the false kava plant in Samoa | Invasive species strategy and action plans in Micronesia |  Tuvalu joins the battle against invasive species

News of GEF-PAS IAS projects and other invasive species activities in the region are also presented in the PILN Soundbites newsletter.

May 2016Radio New Zealand shared a story about Tonga's rat eradication! You can find more news about rat eradications from Island Conservation and from the Tongan government.

July 2014 – We are happy to inform project partners that the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of GEF-PAS IAS project was completed in July 2014. See the MTR report attached.  Overall the project review, independently run by UNEP, was positive. We thank all national coordinators and managers who responded to the questionnaires sent around by the UNEP evaluator in May-June.

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