Invasive Alien Species Project
SPREP IAS Management Team
Invasives Team May 2016David Moverley
IAS Project Manager / IAS Adviser
+685 21929 (int. 270)

Anna Bertram
GEF-PAS IAS Technical Assistant

Natasha Doherty
GEF-PAS IAS Consultant
Knowledge Management System & Regional Invasives Database

Huia Lloyd
Secondment from NZ Department of Conservation
PILN Meeting Coordinator

Tiffany Straza
GEF-PAS IAS Communications

IAS Project Support Unit (PSU)

The role of the Project Support Unit is to meet quarterly to discuss issues related to implementation and management of IAS project. Its composition is as follows:

SPREP Management Team (David Moverley, Makereta Atiga

Stuart Chape, Director of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (BEM) Division of SPREP

Greg Sherley, UNEP Regional Focal Point and Task Manager

One representative of the participating countries.

Please find TORs for PSU in the IAS prodoc, Annex 11.
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