Invasive Alien Species Project
Pacific Invasives Battler Resource Base

Coming soon: a searchable knowledge base to support your invasive species management.
For now, please visit SPREP's Virtual Library and search or use the tag "invasive species"

Coming soon: Pacific Invasive Species Battler series, how-to guides for practitioners

Technical assistance

National efforts on invasive species are coordinated, especially in relation to implementing project activities and tasks, through the Pacific Invasives Partnership (PIP), the regional coordinating body for agencies working on IAS . 

Feel free to contact PIP because its role is specifically to promote coordinated planning and assistance from regional and international agencies to meet the IAS management needs of the countries and territories of the Pacific.

The PIP regional coordinator is also the IAS project regional manager and the key IAS adviser at SPREP (see name and contact below).

SPREP expertise key for IAS project
David Moverley, IAS Adviser
Paul Anderson, GIS Adviser
Tiffany Straza, Communications and Outreach Consultant

SPC - Biosecurity & Trade can also be contacted for any issue related to biosecurity.

For sharing ideas and learning opportunities, please keep in touch with the Pacific Invasives Learning Network (PILN).

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