About the Inform project

Cakaulevu reef Fiji  Stuart Chape
  Photo @ Stuart Chape

Inform in our Pacific islands

The Inform project will help Pacific islands have reliable access to their own national datasets for environmental information, as well as a process and guide for information use standards. Capacity will be built to 
develop content that is then inputted into the reporting process. Additionally, the capacity of officers will be enhanced with regards to the best ways to share the information they have so it is well used by their decision makers and different communities. The information provided within the databases will also help policy development, monitoring and evaluation, and national planning.

Inform at our Pacific regional level

Inform’s work will help achieve a resilient Pacific environment, sustaining our livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with  our cultures. Inform also will help track all core priorities and the focus of SPREP for the next ten years, bringing about resilient and sustainable Pacific island communities. In Pacific island unity, the national iterations of the database will feed into a regional database for monitoring the state of the Pacific’s overall environment.

Inform at a global level

Inform will help Pacific islands better fulfill their reporting obligations under multiple Multilateral Environmental Agreements and contribute to reporting on Sustainable Development Goals.

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