"Stop Little Fire Ants campaign!

About the little fire ant
The little fire ant, also known as the electric fire ant, is native to central and south America. It has been introduced to many parts of the world including the Pacific Islands. They are tiny - about 1.5 mm long, light to golden brown colour. Their movement is steady and slow and are fairly social, found in heaps. Although fairly docile, they can become aggressive when disturbed and can inflict a painful sting (like you are on fire). They are found inside houses, wall cavities, clothing, bedding, garden, under rocks or high up on trees. They can be spread by water (floating), but usually on infested wastes and also on pot plants. If stung by a little fire ant apply cold water/ice-pack to relieve the swelling and pain. Seek medical attention if there is a severe reaction, or if the pain is not subsiding.

About the campaign
The campaign will develop and broadcast an animated television commercial regionally over an intensive 6 week period to personalise the issue and make a clear call to action. The commercial will be broadcast by Australia Plus, other regional and national broadcasters. A coordinated media/PR/social media campagin will support the commercial focussed on leaders and champions. A targeted programme, the "Schools Challenge", focused on providing school children with information and activities related to the campaign will be established regionally at the country/school level. Partnerships and networks with key agencies in the public and private sector will be engaged.

The regional campaign provides an opportunity for partners to leverage off regional television coverage, build their reputation with SPREP's member countries as a key community partner in the Pacific, provide direct support for schools and community livelihoods throughout the region and provide an active platform to promote partner's brand and community engagement.

Campaign Partners
The campagin is supported by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Pacific National Environment sectors, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Global Environment Facilitie, Fonds Pacifique and Pasifika Collective. It is also supported by the Pacific Invasives Learning Network and the Pacific Invasives Partnership. 

We welcome other organisations and initiatives to join us in this regional campaign. Please get in touch with us for further information on how you can be involved.

Be a Pacific Invasive Battler - tell us in your language what Invasive Species Are Everybody's Responsibility!
  • Taofia o meaola ma laau fa'alafua o le titue of tagata uma (Samoan)
  • Species invasive sono responsabilita' di tutti (Italian)
  • Invasive species sind jedermanns verantwortung (German)
  • Ma kunasr in karungin ac Kosralla invasive species (Kosrae)
  • Invasive species uh ma kunacsr kewa (Kosrae)
  • Les espècies envahissantes sont de la responsabilité de chacun (French)
Watch the Stop the Little Fire Ant Animation

You want to watch some more cool videos on little fire ants

Managing the little fire ants (the following factsheets are linked directly to Hawaii Ant Lab) Reading materials You think you have seen a little fire ant or another invasive species - contact the following persons: 

Other useful contacts:
Images of little fire ants
Wasmannia auropunctata EMS2560 IMG 1897 resizeWasmannia auropunctata EMS2560 IMG 1895

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