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Multilateral Environmental Agreement Negotiator’s Handbook

International environmental agreements are crucial to ameliorating the worst effects of environmental degradation and supporting our planet’s biological diversity and human wellbeing. The forums and processes required to achieve these outcomes often have a unique language – combining international policy, law and careful diplomacy.

In this context, the Multilateral Environmental Agreement Negotiator’s Handbook, Pacific Region 2013, has been designed to provide negotiators with comprehensive and practical advice on handling the complexities of international environmental governance.  

In order to be a practical introduction for negotiating or working in MEA’s, this Handbook lays out the elements of MEA’s, reviews the stages of the negotiation process and its technical rules, and identifies the key actors and strategic issues in the environmental field.

It has been prepared by the New Zealand Centre for Environment Law (NZCEL), University of Auckland, in association with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)


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Taking the floor
A Pacific Island Country Guide to Negotiating International Environmental Agreements 


The process of international environmental negotiations is confusing, complex and intimidating. Negotiations are held in a language that is not your own. The context of speaking at these meetings is quite different from the cultural context of speaking at a meeting at home. Despite all these challenges, you are compelled to try to negotiate an outcome that best represents the interests of your country.
There is no magic bullet to negotiating. Mostly skills are developed by experience.
Taking the Floor draws on the extensive experience of the authors to try to make your task a little easier.
The booklet has been prepared with the support of SPREP and of the European Union.


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