PIRT Annual Meetings

The Roundtable has convened a series of 18 Annual Meetings which bring together members, partners, community groups, government officials, experts, individuals and anyone with an interest in conservation to discuss priority issues, share ideas and experiences, forge partnerships, find practical solutions and strategic opportunities that would contribute to the implementation of the Action Strategy which is now being replaced by the Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas in the Pacific Island region 2014-2020.

PIRT Annual Meeting Reports
Download - 11th PIRT Annual Meeting Report (2008)
Download - 12th PIRT Annual Meeting Report (2009)
Download - 13th PIRT Annual Meeting Outcomes (2010)
Download - 14th PIRT Annual Meeting Outcomes (2011)
Download - 15th PIRT Annual Meeting Report (2012)
Download - 16th PIRT Annual Meeting Outcomes (2013)
Download - 17th PIRT Annual Meeting Report (2014)
Download - 18th PIRT Annual Meeting Report (2015)
Download - 19th PIRT Annual Meeting Draft Meeting Outcomes 28th July 2016

Presentations - 20th PIRT Annual Meeting 
Final Agenda 20th PIRT Meeting
Information Note for 20th PIRT Meeting - Honiara, Solomon Islands

Working Group Updates
Protected Area Working Group - Update 2017
Pacific Invasive Partnership - Update 2017
Species Working Group - Update 2017
Pacific Network on Environmental Law - Update 2017

PIRT Partner and Initiatives Update
GIZ - Update 2017
IUCN - Update 2017

Kiribati - Update 2017
Ramsar - Update 2017

SCBO - Update 2017
SPC - Update 2017

Presentations-19th PIRT Annual Meeting 

Day 1-Thursday 14th July, 2016
Click to Download presentations below:

Session 1: Setting the Scene: PIRT Business
PIRT Secretariat Report, Easter Galuvao
PIRT Chair's Report, Taholo Kami
PIP Report 2016
PAWG Report 2016
SWG Report 2016
PaNEL Report 2016

Session 2: Mainstreaming biodiversity into national sustainable development planning processes: Lessons learnt
Mainstreaming biodiversity: Sustaining people and their livelihoods, Tumutalie Foliga
Integration of biodiversity values into national budget and accounts, Eleni Tokaduadua
Mainstreaming biodiversity into national sustainable development planning processes, Gwendalyn Sisior

Session 3: Opportunities to effectively mainstream nature conservation in the development sectors
Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agriculture, Keneti Faulalo
Mainstreaming biodiversity into the forestry sector, Susana W. Tuisese
4FJ: A movement to protect our way of life, Scott Radway

Day 2-Friday 15th July, 2016
Click to Download presentations below:

Opening talk
"Delivering on the promise of Sydney", Trevor Sandwith

Session 4: Connecting the dots between local and community conservation actions, national conservation priorities and targets
Local and community leadership for effective management, Ratu Pio Radikedike and Alifereti Tawake
Linking modern science and indigenous and local knowledge as a basis for a sound policy and decision making for biodiversity conservation, Prof Randy Thaman

Session 5: Aichi Targets 11 and 12: Outcomes of the CBD Pacific Regional Workshop
Protected Areas, Aichi Targets, Biodiversity Strategic Plan and multiple benefits, Dr. Sarat Gidda

Presentations - 18th PIRT Annual Meeting
Day 1 - Thursday 9 July
Session: Setting the Scene:
Download - PIRT presentation - PIRT meeting overview - Easter Galuvao
Download - PIRT presentation - Update from PIRT Chair - Taholo Kami
Download - PIRT presentation - small Islands on the front line - Randy Thaman
Download - PIRT presentation - IAS Case studies - Gilianne Brodie
Download - PIRT presentation - PIP report 2015 - Andreozzi, Thaman, Stewart, Brodie
Download - PIRT presentation - PAWG meeting outcomes - Amanda Wheatley
Download - PIRT presentation - Species Working Group Summary - Chris Filardi

Session 1: Critical and Emerging Issues
Download - PIRT presentation - Protected Area Challenges - Tony O'Keeffe 
Download - PIRT presentation - Changing Oceans - Mike Donoghue
Download - PIRT presentation - Pacific Ocean & Sustainable Development - Elizabeth Brierley

Session 2 - Breakout Parallel sessions on cross cutting issues

Download - PIRT presentation - Trade Culture and Indigenous knowledge products - Veniana Qalo
Download - PIRT presentation- EBA Cost benefit Analysis Lami Town Fiji - Warren Lee Long et. al.
Download - PIRT Presentation - EbA Presentation - Stuart Chape
Download - PIRT Presentation - EbA project Choiseul Solomon Islands - Fred Patison

Day 2 - Friday 10 July
Session 3 - The big picture: why conservation is critical to sustainable development
Download - PIRT presentation - Aspiration & Achievement - Chris Filardi
Download - PIRT presentation - Biodiversity & the SDGs - Tim Westbury
Download - PIRT presentation - Framework for Pacific Regionalism - Joel Nilon
Download - PIRT presentation - Pacific Islands Framework for Nature Conservation - Stuart Chape

Session 4 - Funding and financing opportunities for biodiverstiy conservation in the Pacific Islands
Download - PIRT presentation - EDF 11 - Jesus Lavinia

Download - PIRT presentation - Micronesia Conservation Trust - Trina Leberer
Download - PIRT presentation - GEF Small Grants Programme - Katarina Atalifo Malo

Meeting Photos
Please find below the link to the images of the meeting by SPREP, for high resolution versions please contact sprep@sprep.org  

Click here to view photos of the 18th PIRT Annual Meeting

Final Meeting Report - 18th PIRT Annual Meeting
Click here for the final report of the 18th PIRT annual meeting.
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