What is SPREP doing for the SIDS Conference? 

SPREP is working with the government of Samoa and other agencies to help reduce the environmental consequences from this 3,000+ conference. Some of the work includes: 
  • Waste Audit - an assessment of the level and types of waste likely to be created during the Conference and follow up remediation measures. News article
  • Ports Authority - in preparation for the arrival of a large cruiseship to provide additional accommodation for visitors, SPREP is helping to coordinate oil spill equipment and training for Ports Authority personnel. 
  • Controlling Marine Debris - controlling debris in the harbour and thus improving aesthetics, health and safety, is an ongoing need and with funds from UNEP, SPREP is working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and communities along Apia's major rivers to control rubbish from entering the water ways. News article
  • Preparatory Conferences - the preparatory conferences are where the draft documents for the Conference are developed and discussed. The "zero draft" paper is the result of the preparatory process and will be debated at the Conference. SPREP has worked with members to participate and input to the preparatory process. 
  • Assistance to Members - as with all Conferences, SPREP supports members with briefing notes, guidance papers and provision of appropriate documentation. 
  • SPREP side events - we will be involved in a number of side events, including events hosted at the SPREP Headquarters. More information on the side events will be provided once schedules are confirmed. 

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