Winds of support propel Pacific Meteorological Services

2013 SPREP July PCCR DG DavidShepard 3The "Nuku'alofa Declaration for Sustainable Weather and Climate Services for a Resilient Pacific" was endorsed by the first ever Pacific Ministers of Meteorology in Tonga in July.

This is the first historic step towards strengthening Meteorological Services across the Pacific island region at such a high level and now that the winds of support have propelled the Meteorological Services this far, it is hoped the momentum will continue.
It has been estimated that since 1950, extreme events including events that are non weather related such as tsunami, have affected approximately 9.2 million people in the Pacific, with close to 10,000 reported deaths and damage to the value of USD 3.2 billion.


"Wetlands for our Future."

kosi webWorld Environment Day is being commemorated as we hit the halfway mark of 2015. All too often the messages of doom and gloom are heard across the world as the global community strives for sustainable development so we thought it may also be good to hear messages of success and positive steps towards saving our environment.

This brings us to the topic of Wetlands in particular the important role they play for our future.
Over 30 years ago, in 1971, the representatives of 18 countries congregated in the small town of Ramsar in Iran to put their signatures to the Convention on Wetlands, or the Ramsar Convention as it has become known.


The voyage ahead with newly accredited status to a multi-billion dollar climate fund

kosi webWe ended the first quarter of this year with some great news, the legacy of which will be felt by many Pacific island communities in the years to come.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme was successful in achieving accreditation as a Regional Implementing Entity for the Green Climate Fund (GCF). SPREP was one of seven organisations across the globe, and the first in the region to be accredited in this first trache of applications.


Healthy oceans for healthy islands

2013 SPREP July PCCR DG DavidShepard 3As Pacific Island countries and territories, we are each day aware of the vital importance of the ocean to our lives. Pacific Island cultures are built on ancient and intimate connections to the ocean - it is a key source of food, community livelihoods and national economies for Pacific island countries and territories. Pacific Islanders have one of the highest per capita consumptions of seafood in the world. In the words of poet and author Epeli Hau' ofa in "We Are the Ocean": "We are the sea, we are the ocean, we must wake up to this ancient truth."


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