Choiseul, Solomon Islands

Project Summary:

SPREP is implementing a USAID funded Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) project in Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands. Choiseul is a remote region where the majority of communities have limited contact with representatives of government agencies.

Many decisions are made through traditional village governance mechanisms and by individual land-owners. The project aims to bring these communities and decision makers a greater understanding of the role of their surrounding environment in climate change adaptation.

Key activities:

• Establish partnership with other agencies implementing in Choiseul
• Integrated vulnerability and adaptation assessment
• Ridge to reef resource management planning for Mt Maetambe catchment area
• Mangrove and coastal vegetation rehabilitation at selected sites
• Invasive Species and Bio-security planning
• Raising awareness of EbA, environmental law and ecosystem services
• Training for protected areas, fisheries and resource use management planning


Synthesis Report
Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Climate Change Vulnerability for Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands: Synthesis Report

A short and simple visual summary of the vulnerability and adaptation assessment for Choiseul Province through an Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) and Ridge to Reef approach.

Choiseul Integrated Climate Change Programme

A summary of the aims and benefits of the multiple partnership approach in Choiseul. The partnership is led by the Solomon Islands Government and includes SPREP, SPC, GIZ, UNDP and other agencies.

Vulnerability Assessment

Choiseul Province Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

This report discusses the impacts of climate change and non-climate change factors on natural resources and development in the province of Choiseul, Solomons.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Natural Solutions for Resilience

A simple 2 page introduction to Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in the Pacific. Examples of the ecosystem service benefits provided through this approach are highlighted.


Ecosystem based Adaptation to Climate Change in Solomon Islands 6 August 2012 
All sectors unite in Choiseul for climate change adaptation 24 January 2013
Losing the forests and mangroves that protect us from the impacts of climate change 13 February 2013
Communities champion Choiseul project to save rainforests 5 December 2013
Bringing lost forests back to life 8 December 2014
Remote communities come together to review 2 years of working in Choiseul 19 April 2015
From Ridge-Community-Reef with USAID and SPREP in the Solomon Islands 01 October 2015

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