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25 October 2017 - Nature-based Solutions have a place in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Pacific Island countries
11 October 2017 - Call to promote nature-based solutions widely in the region as an option to tackle climate change
22 May 2017 - 'Water sources for Barana and Honiara at risk' warns community leader
03 April 2017 - Coastal and marine ecosystems critical for a resilient Pacific region in the face of climate change
21 March 2017 - Protect mangrove forests and Save our island homes
16 December 2016 - 
Choiseul province in Solomon Islands takes action for green town
8 December 2016 - Pacific Islands need smarter development to minimise damage to natural environment
22 November 2016 - Assessment of ecosystems on Tanna island, Vanuatu commences
21 October 2016 - Communities construct 3D map for Taveuni Island, Fiji
27 September 2016 -SPREP Suva supports students with environmental learning
13 September 2016 - Ecosystems are vital for growing Pacific cities
26 August 2016 - Traditional Fijian leaders back natural ways to curb climate change
25 August 2016 - Stakeholders in Honiara, Solomon Islands recognise benefits of healthy natural ecosystems for sustainable development
27 July 2016 - SPREP officially opens office in Fiji
17 June 2016 - A healthier Mataniko River in Honiara, Solomon Islands holds first canoe race
13 June 2016 - SPREP Signs Host Country Agreement with Fiji
22 March 2016 - SPREP and Solomon Islands to strengthen Natural Solutions to Climate Change
18 December 2015 - Ecosystem based Adaptation to build resilience in Fiji, begins
11 November 2015 - Vanuatu launches new Climate Change project with SPREP
08 June 2015 - SPREP signs Host Country Agreement with Vanuatu
01 September 2014 -  
A five year project strengthening Natural Solutions in the Pacific region
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April 2017  - The PEBACC and NZ PPOA Projects Team up to Adapt to Climate Change in Taveuni, Fiji (SPREP CC newsletter)


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