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PEBACC fact-sheets

- PEBACC - Regional
PEBACC - Solomon Islands

- PEBACC - Vanuatu

Solomon Islands Environmental fact-sheets

- Creating a Community-based Organisation

- Environmental Impact Assessment
- Logging Code
- How to Protect Areas on your Land or Sea under the Protected Areas Act 2010 (Solomon Is)
- The Mineral Rights Aquisition Process for Landowners
- The Timber Rights Acquisition Process for Landowners

PEBACC Workshops
National Stakeholder Workshops

Project Activity Reports

ESRAM (Ecosystem and Socio-economic and Resilience Analysis and Mapping)
- Fiji ESRAM report (to be released in early 2017)
- Solomon Islands ESRAM report (to be released in late 2017)
- Vanuatu ESRAM report (to be released in early 2017)
ESRAM Consultants' meeting, Brisbane
Fiji ESRAM progress - presentation by Watershed Professionals Network (WPN)
- Solomon Islands ESRAM progress - presentation by BMT WBN
- Vanuatu Tanna Island ESRAM progress - presentation by Griffith University
- Port Vila, Vanuatu, ESRAM progress - presentation by RMIT University

- PEBACC presentation by Herman Timmermans - Project Manager
Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pacific Islands - presentation by Stuart Chape, 
  Director, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Division

- ESRAM Consultants' Meeting Report

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